Libs of TikTok posts so many videos that it’s difficult to resist doing a post on every single one. We try to make sure we pick the best ones to feature, and this one’s particularly interesting because we have a black woman who refuses to say the word “white” — instead, she holds up a blank sheet of paper. She’s adept at it too — we’re assuming this is something she’s practiced for a while.

As Christopher Rufo has pointed out, a lot of teachers are getting training on the gender binary, and how it’s a false social construct that was imposed on people by white European colonizers. And now the whole American system revolves around this false gender binary, and heteronormativity has taken over. This woman agrees, and argues that the idea of white, non-binary people doesn’t make sense, because it was white people who created and enforce the gender binary to give themselves cisgender privilege.

No bitterness here:

Yeah, we like how she shot this in a Half-Price Books because she didn’t have a study full of books at home.

Matt Walsh went to Africa to ask them, “What is a woman?” They were confused.

She’s probably waiting for President Biden to cancel her student loans she ran up for a degree in whatever this is.