Here’s how it went down: Parents in Florida didn’t want teachers leading lessons about sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten. Someone threw the term “groomer” out there and it stuck. It really bothered people. In an attempt to counter it, leftists claimed that “groomer” was a slur against LGBTQ people, while in fact, parents just didn’t want teachers getting into sexuality in grades kindergarten through three. To be honest, we never considered “groomer” anti-LGBTQ; it was a term for any adult trying to wedge themselves between parents and their children.

Of course, Media Matters thinks “groomer” is an LGBTQ slur, and they’re calling out Allie Beth Stuckey for her podcast in which she comes up with alternatives to “groomer,” which is getting people suspended on social media.

Justin Horowitz writes:

On her Relatable podcast, TheBlaze’s Allie Beth Stuckey is advising her viewers to use alternative terms on social media to label LGBTQ people as “groomers.”

The term “groomer” is used to attack LGBTQ people and is part of the right-wing playbook meant to label LGBTQ people as pedophiles. Twitter recently confirmed that the term violates its rules against hateful conduct.

During her August 1 episode, Stuckey suggested that users “get around the ban” by using alternative terms and acronyms so it’s “harder for it to be censored.” Much like the term that they’re meant to duplicate, Stuckey’s workaround labels are hateful and bigoted.

That’s it. That’s the whole story, aside from the embedded video.

They really do. Libs of TikTok daily features videos of teachers explaining how they discuss their sexuality with their students — no wonder the “groomer” label stung so much.

There’s even a “Gays Against Groomers” group online — not everyone in the LGBTQ community wants gender identity taught in kindergarten.

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