When critical race theory started to work its way into the national vocabulary, we warned you to look out for DEI: diversity, equity, and inclusion. Corporations and universities and the military all have DEI officers whose job is to make sure everything is diverse and equitable. NBC 5 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is putting together a commercial “to showcase the Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity of our News team, news stories, and in our community.” The station is so diverse they put out a literal casting call for people of “diverse and cultural backgrounds” to be paid extras interacting with NBC station anchors and reporters.

Role: “You will be setting a banquet table, passing food around the dinner table, and interacting with NBC 5 station anchors.” Oh, and being African American, indigenous, Latin, and South Asian.

Look … here are our anchors interacting with people of cultural backgrounds. Good for us!