Chasten Buttigieg drew attention this summer to a school where teachers were scraping the rainbow “safe space” stickers off the doors of their classrooms. He said they were doing it out of fear, but what he didn’t mention was that the mostly Democratic school district was doing things under the direction of administrators and that a lot of what they were doing “appeared to be far outside what the law actually forbids.” The Parental Rights in Education law is only seven pages long, but teachers are “plagued by confusion and uncertainty.”

Lori Rozsa reports:

The first day of school in Florida is less than two weeks away, but officials are still plagued by confusion and uncertainty about what a raft of new laws championed by Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) will mean. The measures — aimed at eliminating what DeSantis calls “woke ideology” in public schools — have parents, teachers, and students scrambling to figure out how to follow them and to also keep from being targeted by Floridians newly empowered to sue school boards.

Florida’s culture war is being waged primarily in schools. The DeSantis administration has decried teachings on race, suggested civics instruction that downplays the historical separation of church and state, told school districts to ignore advice from the federal government that guarantees civil rights protections for LGBTQ students and, on Wednesday, asserted that children in elementary schools are being told they are the wrong gender.

The result of all this conflicting instruction is confusion and fear, teachers say.

One teacher was worried about her lesson plan about Sally Ride, who was a lesbian … and also the first American woman to fly in space. What to do?

If you were planning to hold class discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity with your kindergarteners, just don’t.