After the mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, NPR spoke with an Uvlade coroner who assured them that AR-15 bullets travel with such velocity that they can decapitate an adult. They also leave a body looking “like a grenade went off in there.” Rep. Lucy McBath also weighed in, adding that exit wounds from an AR-15 can be a foot wide. AR-15 rounds cause skulls to explode on impact, and the reason you never see the bodies is that they’ve been vaporized — there’s nothing left to show.

As Twitchy reported Friday, the House voted by a narrow margin to reinstate the assault weapons ban. Among those voting to make AR-15s illegal was Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr., who told us more about these super-weapons that people can just walk into a store and buy.

He even calls it “an AR-15 war weapon,” which is funny since the military doesn’t use them.

They just want the AR-15.