As we’ve said before, an actual investigation by an unbiased January 6 select committee could be very valuable — just exactly where were the breakdowns that allowed Trump supporters to swarm the Capitol? Instead, the entire thing has turned into a show trial of Donald Trump, with the implied goal to find him criminally negligent so that he’s precluded from running for elected office again. It’s like a funnel, with Trump’s conviction at the bottom and everything but the kitchen sink poured into the top. Here’s the draft of a tweet that Trump never posted; here’s a woman who said she heard from someone else that Trump tried to strangle a Secret Service officer and lunged at the steering wheel of his SUV to turn it around.

Scott Adams has managed to chronicle the whole of the January 6 select committee hearings into just five steps:

As President Joe Biden said, Trump was watching the rioting on TV while police were subjected to three hours of “medieval hell,” dripping with blood and surrounded by carnage.