Back on July 8, comedian Tim Young tweeted about President Joe Biden sending Ukraine 15 times the amount of money that President Donald Trump asked to complete the border wall. The tweet racked up an impressive 57,000 likes and 16,000 retweets.

It also caught the attention of USA Today fact-checker Molly Stellino, who wanted to know where Young got that figure.

Young replies, “First of all you’re fact checking a comedian’s opinion … congrats!”

He also notes the context Stellino added. In linking to the original tweet, she changes “to defend their border” to “security aid,” and “the amount of money Trump asked for to complete our border wall” to “the Trump administration spent on the border wall.” That’s not the same thing at all.

“Your stupid game here is to add context to the questioning of my tweet for you to disprove the context you’ve added,” Young wrote back.

Fact-checkers are busy asking comedians about their tweets when they could very well be using their finely honed fact-checking skills to run the numbers. And why not fact-check some elected officials?

Don’t ask the person being fact-checked to run the numbers for you and call yourself a fact-checker.