Christopher Rufo is back with more receipts. Today, he’s looking at the Los Angeles Unified School District and its efforts to integrate academic queer theory into all aspects of student life, from kindergarten on up. When Rufo drew attention to schools’ efforts to incorporate critical race theory, states began to take notice and passed legislation that critics said was only meant to shelter white kids from feeling guilty. We expect the backlash against Rufo to be even greater now that he’s taking on queer theory in schools. But as we’ve learned from so many teachers on TikTok, they see their function as being a safe space between children and their parents, who aren’t as enlightened. And the same goes here: If a kid wants to be a different gender at school and use a different name and pronouns, that’s fine, and it will be the school’s little secret.

Tip: If your school has a DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) coordinator on staff, learn to expect this sort of training.

As we’ve seen so many times before, these workshops often kick off with students filling out forms to determine how much privilege they have, so they can be ranked from oppressor to oppressed.

Honestly: This workshop “will produce counter narratives against the master narrative of mainstream white cis-heteropatriachy society that seeks to erase and oppress our lived experiences.”

Uh-oh … “The Black community often holds rigid and traditional views of sexual orientation and gender expression.” Same goes for the Hispanic community, the Muslim community, and communities all over the world.

Woke Read Alouds: “They, She, He Easy as ABC.”

Imagine being a white, cis-hetero male boy being dropped into this environment. That’s the enemy.