Consider this post schadenfreude — we’re taking great delight in Sesame Street, which is as woke as it gets, being accused of racism and promising to roll out bias training for its employees after an alleged racist incident went viral on social media. Sesame Street used to have a “black” Muppet back in the ’70s by the name of Roosevelt Franklin, but he disappeared. It was only last year that Sesame Street introduced two black Muppets, the father of the pair explaining to Elmo that “the color of our skin is an important part of who we are.”

But now that a video has gone viral of Rosita blowing off two young black girls at Sesame Place, Sesame Workshop has promised to do better:

Here’s the video of Rosita:

ABC News reports:

Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit that runs Sesame Street, said it will “conduct bias training and a thorough review of the ways in which they engage families and guests” at Sesame Place after a video of a potential racial bias incident went viral online.

“As a global nonprofit educational organization with a mission to help children grow smarter, stronger and kinder, Sesame Workshop has always stood for respect, inclusion and belonging and is committed to providing the highest quality engaging experiences for all children and families,” the organization said in a statement.

Rosita is a damn white supremacist. She probably voted for Trump too.

Shut ’em down until they can purge all the white supremacists under that fur.

Just wait — somehow the name of the person in the Rosita costume will be leaked to social media and they’ll have their life destroyed.