Libs of TikTok has found another winner. Here’s a non-binary teacher who came out to her colleagues in an email, apparently, and then was taken up on her offer to speak to other classes about her sexuality. She read books to the kids and was happy to report that a first-grader then came out as transgender. As with most teachers, we worry that the child’s parents won’t be as accepting of their child’s sexual identity, so it’s a good thing that teachers and administrators can act as surrogate parents and guide these little ones through their journey.

Did we happen to mention that Reddit just banned the word “groomer” as hate speech?

Do any of these teachers not have pink or purple hair?

That’s the new word they’ve come up with on Reddit to replace “groomer.”

No, this is a fast track into gender-affirming care.


Here’s another one with pink hair. It’s got to be the hair dye.