As soon as the Dobbs decision came down and overturned Roe v. Wade, returning abortion laws to the states, legislators have been demanding that abortion clinics be set up on federal lands, such as national parks. Fox News is reporting that one school district in California is currently weighing the idea of opening a Planned Parenthood clinic on its high-school campus. If all they did was hand out condoms, we’d still question it. How does Planned Parenthood get paid, and by whom?

Fox News reports:

A southern California school board will consider an agreement Monday for Planned Parenthood Los Angeles to open a clinic at a local high school.

The seven-member school board of the Norwalk-LaMirada Unified School District will vote during a meeting Monday evening on allowing Planned Parenthood to open and operate a clinic for reproductive health care at John Glenn High School in Norwalk.

Abortions and gender-affirming hormone therapy are not listed as services that will be provided at the on-campus site, but clinic staff will be permitted to make referrals to other Planned Parenthood centers “for services not offered” at the school, according to the proposal.

So it’s like a Planned Parenthood Express? It doesn’t offer abortion but can refer you to a Planned Parenthood clinic that does?

This doesn’t sound at all like one other way schools are trying to circumvent parents.

If this Planned Parenthood Express isn’t going to provide abortions, is it actually going to help high schoolers plan their parenthood? Couldn’t they open up a clinic near the school and not inside it?