Just to put things into perspective, here’s Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez commenting on Justice Brett Kavanaugh having to exit out the back of a restaurant to avoid protesters out front, just weeks after a man with plans to assassinate him was arrested near his home:

On Wednesday, Ocasio-Cortez was approached by a “far-right troll” who recorded himself approaching her and making lewd and racist comments about her body. Speaking of pearl-clutching, Ocasio-Cortez has said that there have been “core security breakdowns” at the Capitol ever since January 6 and it’s “not a place that is designed to protect women” and “not a place that’s designed to protect LGBT people, and I fear for all of the journalists here”

So someone called her a name and she fears for the safety of every woman, LBGT person, and journalist who works around the Capitol?

Nicole Gaudiano, Joseph Zeballos-Roig, and Brent D. Griffiths report for Bloomberg Insider:

Earlier Thursday, Capitol Police released a statement noting that the man who harassed the congresswoman had not broken the law.

“Last night a man outside the U.S. Capitol Building recorded a video of himself making crude comments to a Member of Congress. The comments, although inappropriate, are not criminal,” the statement read. “In the video, the man never threatened or touched the Congresswoman. Out of an abundance of caution, our officers stopped the man and ran his information, which did not show any warrants.”

Ocasio-Cortez told reporters her office had to call Capitol Police five times “to get them to ask for this person’s information.”

“They and many of these people were sassing our office back, asking us why we want this information,” she said. “This is not about us having this information. This is about mitigating a threat. And, you know, we have to keep ourselves safe here because certain people will be safe, but not all of us are safe.”

AOC knows that you probably haven’t heard about the weeks she traveled in armored vehicles.

She was unaware that someone taking a picture of her boyfriend eating a hamburger … that was harassment.