Some people try to convince us that no one is pro-abortion, but then you get abortion activists on the stand and they say things like this. As Twitchy reported, the Senate Judiciary Committee is holding hearings on “abortion access” Tuesday, and there’s been some pretty illuminating testimony? Does an unborn baby have value? Yeah, they’re not going to answer that. Is abortion health care? Not only that, it’s “an act of love,” according to Dr. Colleen McNicholas, who wore her very best “Abortion Is Health Care” T-shirt and “Bans Off Our Bodies” pin to the hearing.

If abortion is fundamentally health care, who exactly is “sick,” and how does this health care make them healthy again?

Is giving birth also an act of love? Obviously, in certain circumstances, it must not be.

We don’t even see Planned Parenthood trying to pass off abortion as an act of love.