Unless you were planning to get knocked up in college, we’re not sure how an abortion “ban” is going to affect your studies. Plus, universities give out birth control like candy, so we’re less and less convinced that moving laws on abortion back to the states is forcing any U.S. student to rethink their college plans. Reuters thought it sounded like a good idea for a story, so here we are:

Sharon Bernstein and Rose Horowitch write:

With its excellent academic and music programs, Oberlin College in Ohio seemed like a perfect fit for Nina Huang, a California high school student who plays flute and piano and hopes to eventually study medicine or law.

But Huang, 16, said she crossed the college off her application list after Ohio enacted a near-total ban on abortion last month. She now plans to cast a wider net for schools in states with less restrictive laws.

“I don’t want to go to school in a state where there is an abortion ban,” she said.

Crossing Oberlin off of your list was the best thing you could have done, Nina.

If you’re serious about “women’s reproductive rights,” you should make plans to move to a state with an abortion ban — your youth activism is needed there more than anywhere.