We ridiculed CNN+ star Chris Wallace last October when he claimed that Jen Psaki was “one of the best White House press secretaries ever.” We still wouldn’t say she was one of the best ever, but she sure seems like it compared to her successor, Karine Jean-Pierre. Psaki had a rough launch, continually telling the press that she’d have to “circle back” to them with an answer. Jean-Pierre has her big binder which she likes to flip through, but she’s more than eager to plead ignorance on just about any subject. RNC research has put together a compilation of Jean-Pierre drawn from this week’s press briefings, and in case you miss it, she doesn’t have a lot to share.

It’s true … the administration doesn’t give her a lot to work with out there.

When you stop to think about it, it’s true. Biden’s cabinet wants you to believe that the border is secure and you just need to buy an electric car.