Andy Ngo gets a lot of flak, but we’ve found his work to be pretty solid. We checked out @HeartOriental, who used to go by the username WannabeTwink but has changed it to Abort pro-lifers, and he (we’re using his preferred pronouns) is definitely trans but could never in a million years afford top surgery. (We’re not sure he’s a furry, though.) The tweet promising to set off a suicide bomb in the Supreme Court is gone, but there are plenty more in its place that suggest rioting, firebombing, and the like.

His response to all the attention:

From “This is not an empty threat. It’s a promise” to “Hypothetical.”

Like the girl who’d jump out of a plane to kill her baby if she ever got pregnant.

If you’re anxious for more threats of firebombings and assassination of Supreme Court justices, we compiled a bunch of unhinged tweets in this thread.

We’re not the ones crying or foaming at the mouth. We won.