Now that he’s not tied up with his daily CNN+ show, hall monitor Brian Stelter is back to doing what he does best: watching Fox News. Normally Stelter would be complaining about Fox News not carrying the January 6 select committee hearings — he made a note that Fox News bumped the big prime-time hearing over to Fox Business Network. Fox News was covering the hearings Thursday, though, and in case you didn’t watch the commentary afterward, Stelter is here to paraphrase it for you:

Hey, he forgot to shut off replies to this tweet.

A mob of unarmed Trump supporters was about to topple the country, but President Biden said just last summer that “you need F-15s and maybe nuclear weapons” if you plan on taking on the U.S. government. And Rep. Eric Swalwell would just as soon nuke you.

Why shouldn’t the committee have a full slate of Republicans?