In an earlier post from Twitchy Tuesday, about PolitiFact whining about the “harassment” of its fact-checkers, Jon Levine wrote something profound: “The genre of ‘journalists who have had their feelings hurt’ really needs to go away.” Twitter really has become some sort of group therapy for journalists, so many of whom think they shouldn’t be criticized because their jobs are just so difficult.

The Washington Post on Tuesday reported on the New York Times’ new editor, Joe Kahn, and Post book critic Carlos Lozada found in the piece what he thought was a profound pull-quote:

Maybe journalists shouldn’t spend so much time on social media — back in April, the Times’ former executive editor urged his reporters to “meaningfully reduce” their time on Twitter.

Felicia Sonmez just tweeted herself out of a job.

When they all started tweeting in unison, “This op-ed has made my life less safe?”

The last executive editor foresaw that it was going to be a problem and asked nicely.