Here’s Christopher Rufo back with another scoop. This time the dupe is Washington State, which provides state funding to a group of gender-identity nonprofits that work extensively with children. The group held a presentation as part of a series on “Decolonizing Gender” and learned that “that process of creating men and women actually is the process of genocide.” What does colonization do to trans people? It causes them to wake up at four in the morning to the screams of their ancestors.

As we’ve noted, the White House seems to have settled on LGBTQIA+, but Canada has gone a step further in adding 2S for “two-spirited” indigenous peoples. According to the “Decolonizing Gender” presenters, white colonizers considered “lack of proper man- and womanhood” as “evidence of savagery, backwardness, the devil, and lack of humanity.” Some of these two-spirited people believe they’re due reparations from white European colonizers who forced them to assimilate.

Rufo writes in City Journal:

To begin the event, [Malcolm] Shanks led the group in a “land acknowledgement,” denouncing white colonizers for seizing indigenous territory, and introduced the main theme of the conversation with a long lecture on “decolonizing gender.” The crux of Shank’s argument was that white European colonizers committed genocide against indigenous people and replaced the natives’ peaceful, non-binary gender system with an oppressive “colonial gender binary.” This was the origin of “transphobic violence” and set the background conditions for the oppression of “gender non-conforming people” to the present day. For Shanks, however, the white European male-female binary has always been a harmful myth. “There’s no such thing as male genes or female hormones or a male body,” he said. White colonizers invented these concepts and imposed them on non-Western cultures in order to maintain “a system that creates value for very, very few white men.”

“Whatever their faults, gender activists have understood that their path to power requires public subsidy and the transmission of their ideology through educational and other public institutions,” Rufo writes.

As far as intersectionality goes, being trans and indigenous puts you pretty high on the oppression scale, so of course, you deserve reparations.