OK, “Blaxit” is a ridiculous word, but Politico reports that at least 21 black staffers have left the White House since late last year or are planning on leaving soon. It looks like President Joe Biden is going to have to put them back in chains to retain them. Let’s check with Politico and learn why so many black staffers are leaving, and see if they devote any of their report to all of the racist things Biden has said and then had to walk back. After all, if you didn’t vote for him, you ain’t black.

We don’t imagine Chief of Staff Ron Klain is going to be retweeting this one.

If there’s one person to ask about retaining staffers, it’s Vice President Kamala Harris.

Wow, are people in the replies ticked at Politico for making this a story. But Trump!

It’s funny how many people are pointing to Karine Jean-Pierre’s promotion as proof that Politico’s article is bogus. Did she mention she’s black and gay, and an immigrant? On her first day, that’s right.

A Democratic strategist warned us last fall that Politico was “right-wing propaganda” and people they contact for stories should “freeze them out.”