Jordan Boyd has a controversial piece in The Federalist Wednesday arguing that tragedies like the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas “make a somber case for homeschooling.” “The same institutions that punish students for ‘misgendering’ people and hide curriculum from parents are simply not equipped to safeguard your children from harm,” Boyd writes, adding, “Schools should be a safe place for children to learn, but saying ‘guns have no place here’ only stops good people with kids’ best interests in mind from being able to protect them.”

You can agree or disagree with Boyd, but he certainly managed to hit a sore spot with liberals who see public schools as a cornerstone of American democracy. Ruth Ben-Ghiat, who is an MSNBC columnist writing on issues of “authoritarians and propaganda,” has a take even hotter than Boyd’s. She argues that Republicans are complicit in school shootings because they discredit the institutions of democracy like public schools. What’s the GOP’s end game? Read on and find out.

It’s “The Handmaid’s Tale”! And Republicans are pro-school shootings because it brings the book closer to reality.

It’s ridiculous how many people think they’re finally seeing the puzzle pieces put together, and how school shootings are all part of the Republicans’ plan for authoritarian rule.