Whatever the Democrats are doing, we encourage them to keep doing it until the midterms in November. We missed this hot take yesterday, but it would have fit in with all of the others like it from blue checks tweeting that “Texas is trying to force women to birth children just so they can be shot in school.” This tweet from Democratic strategist and consultant Adam Parkhomenko came in at 12:30 a.m. Wednesday, so there were at least two blue checks ahead of him who had the exact same take. We’ll give him a post anyhow.

Was the shooter a Republican? A member of the Young Republicans in high school before he dropped out? Did he watch a lot of Tucker Carlson? We bet he watched a bunch of Tucker Carlson before shooting his grandmother in the face.

Hold up … Stephanie Peace isn’t a blue check and her take came eight minutes after Parkhomenko’s, but she really wants credit for also having the same idea:

The memo did go out.

How many mass shooters have been NRA members?