As Twitchy reported earlier, Bill Maher triggered plenty when he suggested on his show that maybe the huge spike in the number of transgender youth isn’t a biological phenomenon. Abigail Shrier wrote a whole book about it, which led disgraced fact-checker and human being Talia Lavin to lump her in with the Buffalo mass shooter — Shrier wants those teen girls fertile so they can make more white babies, right?

We’ve never heard of Status Coup News, which describes itself in its Twitter bio as “on-the-ground independent journalism,” but one of its journalists suggested that Bill Maher have some transgender youth on his show if he thinks they’re just doing it to be trendy. As backup, he posts some video of a transgender high school student explaining that he mostly hangs around queer people and everyone he knows is suicidal. There are a lot of pressures on young trans people … like having to get up early for school. Listen: We don’t mean to make light of whatever it is these kids are going through … but we’re not sure how this disproves anything that Maher is suggesting.

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Honestly, where’s the persecution coming from? We keep seeing videos of schools going out of their way to accommodate transgender kids, such as mandating tampon dispensers in boys’ restrooms and maintaining “transition closets” so kids can change out of the clothes their parents put them in and be their authentic selves.

Maybe, but we can’t talk about that.

Show the rest of the clip where Status Coup News gives an in-depth investigation into why transgender students are prescribed so many anti-depressants? This kid’s talking about suicidal thoughts … did they do anything about it?