As Twitchy reported last week, press secretary Jenn Psaki wouldn’t say if President Joe Biden supports any restrictions at all on abortion. Psaki keeps telling us that Biden, a devout Catholic who doesn’t believe in abortion, has made it perfectly clear where he stands on the issue of abortion. That’s obviously not true, as Biden flip-flopped — overnight — on his support of the Hyde Amendment during the Democratic primary. While Psaki wouldn’t come out and say that Biden approves of late-term abortion, for example, she just referred to his previously stated commitment to women’s health care.

The question came up again Monday: Does President Joe Biden believe there should be any restrictions on abortion? This is a tricky line to walk, as polls say a majority of Americans support the right to an abortion … as long as it’s done in the first trimester. After that, not so much. But no, Biden simply believes it’s up to a woman — whatever that is — to make her own “health care” choices.

As we reported Sunday night, Bill Maher surprised his panel by informing them that Europe actually has more strict controls on abortion than the United States, with cutoffs at 12 and 14 weeks in most cases. Those “heartbeat” bills that have led to boycotts of states are pretty standard across progressive Europe.

It certainly sounds like nothing at all … Biden is placing full responsibility on women and their abortion providers. Would Biden have any problem with Kermit Gosnell’s clinic as long as women were getting the abortions they wanted? How about Planned Parenthood selling body parts? Or is that “disinformation” according to our new Minister of Truth?