Whenever we do a post on pro-abortion protesters, people in the replies often use words like “demonic” to describe them. We can’t decide if this is demonic or just moronic, but we’re assured that this New York City “performer,” Crackhead Barney, was outside the Basilica of Old St. Patrick to inform the media that the pro-life protesters are “terrorizing her uterus.” We’ll be honest — we didn’t make it through the whole video, but perhaps you can and then tell us how it ends. We’re assured that she’s pro-choice, but her performance really makes a good case for keeping abortion illegal, or at least passing heartbeat bills.

Oh yeah, language warning.

There you go, and we aren’t going to argue.

Because even New York has too many restrictions.

So of course the Washington Post doesn’t cover this — it cover’s Brett Kavanaugh’s neighbor joining the protest outside his home and politely explaining her support for Roe v. Wade.


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