We’ve been waiting for the Principled Conservatives™ to speak up about that leaked decision draft that indicated Roe v. Wade might be overturned. We would say that there’s nothing more conservative than opposing abortion, but as David French explained, he doesn’t even use the word “conservative” to refer to the Republican Party or the Right anymore because it just doesn’t fit. The Republican Party has become the MAGA Party, and now the Biden administration is warning about the ultra-MAGA crowd. It’s weird — it’s like using the word “cis-woman” to indicate that you’re talking about a woman.

Will Saletan pulled the short straw at The Bulwark and got to write up the piece explaining how overturning Roe v. Wade, a goal of conservatives for 50 years, is a disaster for the GOP.


It was Jesse Kelly who was trying to teach conservatives how to ditch the loser mentality and get used to winning. Now we need to go check David French’s feed to find his piece on why overturning Roe would be bad.


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