We’ve seen this before, when some swimmers on the University of Pennsylvania’s girls’ swim team anonymously broke their silence about their transgender teammate, Lia Thomas. Parents of some of the girls sent a letter to the NCAA, which was forwarded to the Ivy League and University of Pennsylvania officials, expressing their concerns about fairness. Penn officials read the letter and composed a reply, suggesting that student-athletes upset by the school’s “welcoming and inclusive environment” utilize the “robust resources” available to them at Penn, including Counseling and Psychological Services and the LGBT Center.

Libs of Tik Tok (which now has a million followers thanks to Taylor Lorenz — congratulations!) notes that the Massachusetts Department of Education has adopted the same policy. If a girl has a problem sharing a locker room with a biological male, she should work with school administrators and counseling staff “to foster understanding of gender identity.” What’s the transgender student supposed to do, take into consideration the feelings of others and change in private?

It’s nice of the education department to acknowledge that “some students may be uncomfortable” sharing a locker room or changing facility with a transgender student, but they need to work through that discomfort “to create a school culture that respects and values all students.”

If they’d just teach gender identity starting in kindergarten, they could eliminate that discomfort by puberty, right?


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