It’s always interesting when someone from inside Twitter comments on Elon Musk’s takeover. As we reported Tuesday, one Twitter engineer insisted to his new boss that the Hunter Biden laptop story was suppressed because of Twitter’s “hacked materials” policy, not because of targeted censorship. Eventually, the ratio got to him and he deleted the tweet. But seriously, leftist groups keep posting people’s tax returns on Twitter, and the “hacked materials” policy never seems to kick in.

Twitter exec Lara Cohen is shocked that people criticized two of Twitter’s prominent female executives Tuesday.

As Twitchy reported, one of those prominent female executives was lawyer Vijaya Gadde, who broke down and cried during a meeting about the future of Twitter. Gadde has been in charge of all content moderation and was also behind the ban of the New York Post article on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The Post reports:

Lara Cohen, Twitter’s global head of partners, went on the attack hours after Musk singled out the site’s lead lawyer, Vijaya Gadde, over what he called the “obviously incredibly inappropriate” ban of The Post’s exclusive reporting on Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings.

She also shared messages of support for Leslie Berland, the company’s chief marketing officer who was caught in leaked audio suggesting that Musk’s plans for free speech put them in “a very difficult position.”

We guess when Cohen said they were “coming for” Gadde, it was over Musk calling the Hunter Biden ban “obviously incredibly inappropriate.”

Or is it?

Her crying was written up in Politico, which is hardly a conservative outlet, and it wasn’t framed in any mean way. Blame them for reporting it — they must be the misogynists. Besides, shouldn’t we be celebrating that these high-level executives were both women?


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