We have no idea how Robert B. Reich managed to gain nearly 1.5 million followers on Twitter, but he seems to be happy about it. Well, he was happy about it until Elon Musk purchased Twitter with the promise to take it private. Reich set himself up for plenty of jabs like, “Build your own Twitter,” which the Left continually said to conservatives complaining about shadowbans and such. Some people did build their own Twitter: at first, there was Parler, but that was soon taken down from Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store. Employees of Amazon, which hosted Parler, demanded that Amazon cut ties with Parler and stop hosting it.

Sorry, buddy … build your own Twitter. This is the first we’ve heard of Reich complaining about Twitter’s platform monopoly.

We’ve been assured that Gab has been taken over by neo-Nazis and is unusable. That’s what happens when you don’t stifle free speech.

Sounds like Reich is torn between leaving Twitter in protest and losing his followers. What to do?


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