We had some fun with New York Magazine art critic Jerry Saltz the other day when he called Gov. Ron DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw a “certifiably insane” traitor to her country and morally damaged. He also took aim at the 90% all-white (what?) ethno-nationalist Republican Party and wrapped up by saying Pushaw was “Murder Incorporated.”

We wouldn’t have bothered further, but now it’s personal. You see, Townhall is Twitchy’s sister site and Kurt Schlichter is a colleague. Saltz is a Pulitzer Prize winner but we’ve got to say, he’s a lazy writer and needs to come up with some new material. Now Schlichter is Murder Incorporated.

Dude, you just copied and pasted your response to Pushaw … which puts us in good company. We still don’t get the “90% all-white” bit — is that like Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s beach club?

Hold on, now. The Pulitzer Prize winner is calling Schlichter a bad writer with no disciple (?) or original ideas? The dude has one script and he never deviates from it.

Anyway, Townhall is Murder Incorporated, and you should definitely pick up a VIP membership if you don’t have one already. Only if you’re white and have bad daddy issues, though.


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