Jen Psaki told Fox News’ Peter Doocy that she’s not a doctor and neither is he when he asked why it was OK to sit in the White House briefing room without masks but you need to have them on when on an airplane. This editor is not a doctor either, but he’s still a bit stunned by those people who think everyone should keep wearing masks (and not those useless cloth ones) until there’s a COVID-19 vaccine approved for those under age 5. Once we get all the babies vaccinated, then maybe we can think about unmasking.

The TSA says it’s no longer enforcing mask rules, and airlines are posting statements saying that they too are dropping the mask mandates in the wake of a federal judge’s ruling Monday. Monica Crowley, for one, is glad:

But what about those people who already booked flights assuming all passengers and crew would be masked?

How many kids is “a few”? None?

Why risk flying at all?

There wouldn’t have been a vaccine for those under 5 even if the mask mandate had been extended. But we’ve been assured by Rachel Maddow and others that you can’t transmit the disease if you’ve been vaccinated, so there’s that.

* * *


This guy just won’t stop:

Again: What small number? How small? Zero?


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