Andy Ngo, who’s routinely smeared as a racist, posted a thread earlier Wednesday showing some content pulled from Brooklyn subway shooter Frank James. “He appeared to be a fan of black nationalism,” Ngo wrote. One of his posts was a photo of Michelle Obama with her arms crossed over her heart, with the caption, “O black Jesus, please kill all the whiteys.” He also reportedly posted this charming video:

Drew Holden and Andrew Sullivan both noted how the New York Times characterized James’ videos as “troubling.”

The biggest racist of all though isn’t James, but The Intercept’s Lee Fang, who posted a list of mass shootings by black nationalists:

Those tweets are hard to read, but the ACLU calls “black identity extremist” a made-up label used to discredit black activists. Nation columnist Jeet Heer found one YouTube video that he says shows James’ black identity ideology had been supplanted by anti-black identity:

“Slipped through the cracks” …

It’s kind of amazing how many people are throwing around the word “racist” in connection with this story and not referring to the shooter.


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