As Twitchy reported earlier, Daily Beast contributor Thor Benson shared an anecdote that he must have thought would have impressed people: “Hey, I saw Andy Ngo and told him he’s a garbage person.”

As stunning and brave as that is, it wasn’t Ngo, and the onus is not on him to prove he wasn’t in a bar in New Orleans early Friday morning. Ngo wrote up the story for The Post Millennial:

Libby Emmons writes for The Post Millennial that Ngo “was not even in New Orleans, nor Louisiana, at the time Benson approached the stranger and harassed him until he left.”

Responses to the tweet encouraged Benson to treat the stranger roughly, with one Roel Miranda, whose Twitter bio says he lives in New Orleans, suggested Benson “Shoulda clocked him,” before asking “what bar?”

Others wondered if Ngo was still there, such as a filmmaker who lists his pronouns in his bio, asking if Ngo was “still there,” and asking that Benson let him know where so that he could “politely tell him something.”

When Benson responded that the man had “just left,” saying that he thought the man was made “nervous” by the harassing comment, the filmmaker said: “You did good then!”

Another user said that “An ‘accidental’ elbow to his grill—twice—would have been fitting.”

Speaking of garbage people, Keith Olbermann decided that he had to make himself part of the story somehow:

We’re not finding “silicone rod” in Ngo’s Twitter feed.

Olbermann could have just let it be, but it looks like he’s on the side of harassing Asians in bars.

For what it’s worth, Benson is doubling down on his story and blocking people “trolling” him.



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