We mentioned this in a post earlier this week but we thought we’d do a standalone post. It turns out that Comfortably Smug’s #HackMadness tournament once again came down to CNN’s Brian Stelter and the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin. If we’re not mistaken, the tournament wrapped up before Stelter got depantsed by a college freshman at The Atlantic’s “Disinformation” conference, so that’s two fails for Stelter this week.

Stelter took the prize in 2020’s inaugural #HackMadness tournament but was dethroned by Jennifer Rubin in 2021. Rubin managed to hold off the challenge, with her rapturous tweets about Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation perhaps sending her over the top.

They make a good point: Rubin at one point claimed to be a conservative, so that makes her an even bigger hack than Stelter.

Editor’s note: We corrected the mistaken year in the headline.


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