OK, we just got done posting some more videos from Disney’s all-hands meeting to reassure sad, frustrated, and pained employees of the company’s and CEO’s opposition to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law and commitment to LGBTQIA+ inclusion, so we thought we’d give Disney a break for a minute and look in on Nickelodeon. We searched Twitter and it looks like President Biden missed International Asexual Day Wednesday, which is a shame, because he put out such a nice video to celebrate transgender Americans of all ages on Transgender Day of Visibility. Like Disney’s executive producer, we’d like to see more attention given to those other letters of the alphabet, such as the “biromantic asexuals” like herself.

We missed this on Transexual Day of Visibility, but Nickelodeon featured one of TIME and Nickelodeon’s finalists for “Kid of the Year,” Rebekah Bruesehoff. Nickelodeon has turned off comments, but the video is still up:

That’s kind of bold to suggest that all kids have “families.” Do kids who don’t have families not count?

Nickelodeon might have turned off comments, but we’re still seeing quote tweets like this one:

For what it’s worth, Bruesehoff didn’t win “Kid of the Year,” but we’ll bet Nickelodeon will ensure she stays in the spotlight.


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