Prepare to see a lot of people in the media start to refer to Elon Musk as “right-wing” after Musk purchased 9.2 percent of Twitter and landed a seat on the board of directors. “Free-speech absolutist” Musk might even give Donald Trump his Twitter account back! Reuters says some Twitter employees are dusting off their resumes over fears of what will happen to the company with Musk on the board.

What’s that? The social media firm’s “ability” to moderate content? Or the social media firm’s bias in moderating content? Never forget that Twitter locked the New York Post out of its Twitter account for six weeks because the Post refused to take down its story about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Sheila Dang reports:

Longer term, employees said Musk’s involvement may change Twitter’s corporate culture, which they say currently values inclusivity. Musk has faced widespread criticism for posting memes that mocked transgender people and efforts to stem the spread of COVID-19, and for comparing some world leaders to Hitler.

Several employees were alarmed by the warm welcome Musk received from Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal and cofounder Jack Dorsey, which prompted them to hit the job market this week.

“Some people are dusting off their resumes,” one person said. “I don’t want to work for somebody (like Musk).”

Politico’s Sam Stein on Tuesday reminded us all that two months ago, Musk tweeted a meme of Hitler asking people to stop comparing him to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. That’s pretty awesome, to be honest.

Remember when Gay Patriot got banned for calling CNN’s Brian Stelter a pansy?


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