Rep. Randy Fine, a Florida legislator, made local news Tuesday by announcing he’d introduce legislation to ban giving drugs to or performing surgery on minors for “gender assignment.” “We should not have children making decisions that they cannot undo,” said Fine. “Now, my bill would not say that if you’re a boy and you think you’re a girl that you can’t have people call you a girl, or dress like a girl, or go to mental counseling to talk about it. It simply says you have to wait until you’re an adult.”

It’s 2022 and that’s a controversial stance to take — opponents would argue that such legislation would lead to suicides by transgender youth — but Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra told Rep. Lauren Boebert that he’s in favor of using HHS funding to provide sex reassignment surgeries on minors.

As we recently reported, the Biden administration marked Transgender Day of Visibility with a chart listing “gender-affirming” actions to take starting with toddlers.

“I’ve got your back,” President Joe Biden said in a video message.