Hey everyone, Donald Trump is back in the news. And that’s a good thing, because the mainstream media needs a distraction right now. Not only are the stalwart New York Times and Washington Post now reporting that those emails on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop are authentic, but that they reveal that “accounts linked to Hunter Biden received at least $3.79 million in payments from [Chinese energy company] CEFC through consulting contracts.” Even Biden’s “art” doesn’t bring in that kind of cash.

And then there’s that other story, about the FEC fining the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign for lying about who paid for the famous Steele dossier that the media reported on for years.

Speaking of Russia, you can tell how people feel about Trump by how they feel about his call for Russia to investigate Clinton’s missing emails. USA Today, for one, reported that Trump illegally asked Russia to help him win. Trump himself said that “Russia, if you’re listening” was a joke. And it was, his point being that anyone could have her 33,000 missing emails, what with her homebrew email server she used to skirt FOIA requests.

Now Trump is in trouble for asking during an interview with Just the News for Vladimir Putin to release information about any dealings between Biden and Elena Baturina, the former wife of the late former mayor of Moscow, who reportedly gave him $3.5 million.

But was Trump really trying to set up a deal with Putin during his invasion of Ukraine. CNN’s Chris Cillizza thinks so:

Cillizza writes:

There’s long been a tendency to roll your eyes whenever Donald Trump breaks a rule of politics. After all, he spent four years doing it as president — and democracy is (mostly) still standing. And he’s not in office anymore, so what he says on any given subject is less important than it was two years ago.

That attitude, I should note, is totally understandable as a mental health coping tactic. It’s also deeply misguided. Trump remains the single most powerful figure in the Republican Party and is widely seen as a heavy favorite for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination if he decides to run.

All of which brings me to something Trump said in an interview with the conservative TV show JustTheNews published Tuesday.

“I would think [Russian President Vladimir] Putin would know the answer to that,” Trump said, while pushing an unproven claim about Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Russia. “I think he should release it. I think we should know that answer.”

It’s funny that someone from CNN would be concerned about “unproven claims” about Hunter Biden; watch this montage if you disagree.

Exactly. Maybe if the media had done its job and investigated the laptop instead of writing it off as Russian disinformation Trump wouldn’t still be asking about it. Hey CNN, you’re a supposed news organization — if that claim about Hunter Biden’s ties to Russia remains unproven, maybe put a reporter or two on it to make some phone calls?

* * *


Oh, hey …

Speaking of CEFC’s payments to Hunter Biden for his “consulting” work, we were reminded of a story The Daily Caller did in December of 2020 on an email in which Hunter Biden asked for keys to be made for his “office mates,” including Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Jim Biden, and Gongwen Dong, “emissary” for … CEFC China Energy. But no, there’s no connection to the president or first lady.


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