As Twitchy reported earlier, Fox Business’ Charles Gasparino says that CNN’s subscription streaming service, CNN+, which launched Tuesday, is already looking at employee layoffs as early as May. CNN+ is already offering a 50 percent off for life deal for signing up with the monthly plan, but CNN’s strategic communications guy says the only thing CNN+ is bracing for is success.

OK, so first, what are NFTs? According to Tech Innovations, NFTs are non-fungible tokens. “NFTs can be everything,” Tech Innovations reports. “They can be a jpg image, music, or digital art. You can be an artist, create a 3 minute short YouTube video by adding your images and music. BOOM. You can now sell this video as an NFT at an excellent price if it brings value to the rest of the community. It’s just like getting paintings at an art gallery but cooler.”

CNN+ thinks its historic launch is cool enough to sell as an NFT. According to The Hollywood Reporter, CNN+ is selling the first 29 seconds of its live-streaming debut as NFTs.

J. Clara Chan reports:

CNN is marketing its CNN+ streaming debut as a “historic moment” for the company by selling the first seconds of its first live stream as a set of NFTs, CNN+ chief Andrew Morse said on Wednesday.

The NFTs, of which there will be 250, will feature the first 29 seconds of the first episode of 5 Things with Kate Bolduan, a daily morning show for CNN+ that marked the start of the streaming service’s debut on Tuesday.

“CNN+’s debut is a historic moment for CNN,” Morse, the evp and chief digital officer at CNN, said in a statement. “We’re excited to raise the curtain on this new platform and making CNN+’s first live moments available as an NFT is the perfect way to celebrate our launch with digital collectors.”

They’re only selling 250? We’re probably too late, as they went on sale this afternoon. They should sell NFTs of Jeffrey Toobin’s Zoom call instead; that was pretty historic.

Maybe CNN would be better served trying to prop up its cable ratings. Wasn’t there some talk after Jeff Zucker left that there was going to be a pivot back toward real journalism? They should try that.


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