Hey everyone, it’s Julia Ioffe, whom we last covered writing about the late Madeline Albright, who in 2017 had used the word “fascism” to describe the Trump administration — “when no one in the D.C. establishment was using that word.” Of course, a 10-second Google search was all it took to prove her wrong. As we reported in February, Ioffe was invited by  Stephen Colbert, MSNBC, and CNN to talk about the situation in Ukraine, despite the fact that she’d just tweeted that she had no idea why Vladimir Putin was invading.

She also spread some misinformation about paratroopers over Kyiv, but she’s the expert and that’s another post.

Now Ioffe is back on Donald Trump (and Tucker Carlson). As Twitchy reported earlier Friday, Putin tried to make himself out as a victim of “cancel culture.” If you believe cancel culture has gone too far — and that trans people are “made up” — then you agree with Putin and are his ideological ally.

But J.K. Rowling is a trans-exclusionary radical feminist, or a TERF. Surely she’s ideologically aligned with Putin.

No, she’s a respected journalist!


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