The headline pretty much says it all. As Twitchy reported the other day, President Joe Biden announced that “the first lady’s husband” had contracted COVID-19 … no, wait, it was the second lady … no, it was the second gentleman, Doug Emhoff. The press got a good laugh out of it, at least, and it’s good that Biden has someone on the sidelines to correct him when he misspeaks. But it did bring up the specter of COVID infection again, and a reporter asked Jen Psaki if the 79-year-old Biden contracting COVID would be more serious than, say, someone in their 20s. “We don’t know that,” Psaki interjected. Maybe she’s referring to a 20-something with a compromised immune system and multiple comorbidities, and even then …

Any fact-checkers on duty today? Last we knew, both PolitiFact and Reuters were fact-checking Vice President Kamala Harris’ awkward cackle in Poland.

She’s also sure that masking young children in school should raise no concern for “emotional, academic, and psychological effects” because her kindergartener doesn’t have any problem with it. It’s science.



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