As we and so many of you have asked, why is it always teachers? Libs of Tik Tok could make a full-time gig just by featuring activist teachers. We remember when one subversive teacher sarcastically said she would never teach books by people of color under “Supreme Leader DeSantis” — as if that were somehow illegal or even frowned upon. Now, of course, there’s a ridiculous controversy surrounding the Parental Rights in Education Act, incorrectly referred to as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Gov. Ron DeSantis has tried to make it perfectly clear that the bill only applies to grades 3 and under; something Surgeon General Vivek Murthy conveniently overlooked in his Twitter thread opposing the bill. As far as we know, it’s no holds barred for grades 4 and up, so we’re guessing teachers are free to say “gay” all they want. That, among other things, is what makes this next TikTok video so dumb; this is allegedly a fourth-grade teacher. But it does show you just how anxious teachers are to promote sexual orientation and gender identity to young children.

Nice Black Lives Matter, Education Activism, and Trans Kids are Kids stickers on the laptop. And the socks are a nice touch — it reminds us of Justin Trudeau somehow finding “Ramadan-themed” rainbow socks to wear to the Toronto pride parade.

Apparently, this guy (whose pronouns are he and him) teaches in Chicago, so it’s not like the bill affects him in any way.

True. Are there classes they took in college on LGBT activism to get their degrees?