As Twitchy reported Monday, Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo raised some feathers by suggesting that your healthy 5-year-old might not need to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. White House Press Secretary Jenn Psaki said in her press briefing that Ladapo was “peddling conspiracy theories.” (Those who opposed school mask mandates were also branded conspiracy theorists, but where have all of the mask mandates gone?) Gubernatorial hopeful Charlie Crist called Ladapo a “dangerous quack,” and Montel Williams called him a “circus clown.”

CNN had medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner on as a guest Wednesday, and he continued the pile-on by calling Ladapo “disgraceful,” “discredited,” and an embarrassment. Reiner declared that every child in the country should take the coronavirus vaccine — something to think about as they work on that vaccine for children six months to four years old. Should a child who’s already had COVID-19 be vaccinated? Apparently so.

As people have said above, what does Reiner have to say about all of the European countries that also don’t advise healthy children to be vaccinated?


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