OK, we lied.

On Thursday, we published a post called, “Libs of Tik Tok has the only clip you need of students shouting down an ‘anti-trans’ father and candidate.” It featured video of a protester just screaming at Jeffrey Younger, who was invited as a guest of the University of North Texas’ Young Conservatives of Texas to speak about his experience as a father whose young son was taken from his custody because Younger refused to recognize him as a girl. Younger was shouted down by students, who pounded on the table and chanted, “F**k you, fascist.”

That wasn’t the only video you need to see from the event. This one comes to you via Current Revolt out of Texas and features screaming girl plus so much more. Imagine doing this to a father who lost custody of his biological child to his ex-wife, who isn’t even the child’s mother but was 100 percent committed to raising the little boy as a girl.

Nice hammer and sickle on the whiteboard.

Well said.

And even this is just a clip of the entire event. We’re wondering if they started the hysterical screaming before the guest was able to get a word in or if they let him get a sentence of two out.


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