We’ve heard some hot takes on how to deal with Russia, including getting directly involved — Rep. Adam Kinzinger said “we own the skies” and should establish a U.S.-led no-fly zone over Ukraine. Failed House candidate Pam Keith suggested dropping a MOAB on “Putin’s hidey-hole.” If only there were something the U.S. could do besides arm the Ukrainians and feed them intel.

Naveed Jamali says Russian missteps have opened the door for President Biden to wage a “secret drone war” in Ukraine. The idea is simple: the U.S. sends some drones to blow up that Russian military convoy, and when the Russians find out where the drone came from, America just says they supplied Ukraine with the drone and they deployed it.

A lot of people are really jazzed about this secret drone war and want it to begin immediately.

This all comes from “one former senior U.S. intelligence officer” who remains unnamed, so make of that what you will.


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