We’ve done quite a few posts on the draconian measures Australia has taken to fight the spread of COVID-19. The country locked down hard, and fenced-in quarantine camps were built to contain anyone who might have been exposed.

At the Munich Security Conference earlier this month, Gates said that the next pandemic could be avoided if every country followed Australia’s example.

Megan Sauer reports:

Gates cited Australia’s Covid response as the gold standard to follow. The country reopened its international borders this week for the first time since March 2020. Over the course of the pandemic, returning citizens and approved international travelers have been required to quarantine in hotels guarded by police and military members. Australia’s states even periodically locked down their respective borders.

There’s reason to believe Australia’s blueprint may have been less successful elsewhere: Its population of nearly 26 million is relatively small, and it’s an island without any land borders. But Gates still called it a “true outlier.”

“They orchestrated diagnostics, they executed quarantine policies, and they have a death rate in a different league than other rich countries,” Gates said. “And everybody had the capability to do that.”

The entire continent has a population under 26 million.

What’s Gates’ opinion on our own southern border? Closing that would go a long way to containing the spread of the virus.


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