Some people are trying to make sense of this take, but no matter how hard they try, no one can reconcile how the Chernobyl nuclear power plant powers central North Ukraine and that’s what makes it a valuable target for Vladimir Putin. It all started with this story from the Associated Press and picked up by Bloomberg:

The AP reports:

Ukrainian officials said their forces were battling Russians on multiple fronts, had suffered dozens of deaths and had lost control of the decommissioned Chernobyl nuclear power plant, scene of the world’s worst nuclear disaster.

Hours after the invasion began, Russian forces seized control of the now-unused Chernobyl plant and its surrounding exclusion zone after a fierce battle, presidential adviser Myhailo Podolyak told The Associated Press.

The Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency said it was told by Ukraine of the takeover, adding that there had been “no casualties or destruction at the industrial site.”

The 1986 disaster occurred when a nuclear reactor at the plant 130 kilometers (80 miles) north of Kyiv exploded, sending a radioactive cloud across Europe. The damaged reactor was later covered by a protective shell to prevent leaks.

In a now-deleted tweet, someone asked what Putin wanted with Chernobyl, to which long-time U.S. intelligence expert Malcolm Nance had this to say:

Putin certainly has his reasons, but we don’t think this is one of them.


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