Here’s some more science for everyone out there keeping track. Even though the Biden White House claimed that there was no vaccine when President Joe Biden took office, he’d already been jabbed before the inauguration. If our count is correct, he had the two initial vaccinations and then three boosters.

We were wondering the other day if this was a file photo or if the president was wearing a mask to sign off on Operation Fly Formula.

We weren’t sure, but this footage of Biden landing in South Korea is definitely new. Watch as he descends the steps of Air Force One wearing a mask, and then takes off the mask as soon as he comes into contact with other people. It’s science. Or maybe he’s still just bitter over the lifting of that mask mandate on airplanes.

Yeah, he wears his aviators inside the plane and then takes them off when he steps out into the sun. As someone said, they were surprised he didn’t start taking his pants off too.

Where is his leadership on this stupid issue? Are we still wearing masks or not? He can’t seem to decide.



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