We’ll give MSNBC’s Joy Reid one thing: even though she doesn’t believe critical race theory exists, and certainly not in public schools, she did invite anti-CRT crusader Christopher Rufo on her show to hash it out. John Oliver, of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” is awfully late to the party — the time to have a meltdown over the anti-CRT movement was when Glenn Youngkin triumphed in Virginia. Nevertheless, Oliver went on a rant about the anti-CRT movement and featured Rufo, who responded Monday:

So Oliver is admitting that there are some really bad classroom lessons being taught — so why is he defending them?

Yep. As if Joe Biden didn’t provide them with material to work with.

People always pull that Rufo tweet as an example of … something. That he’s changing public perceptions about a toxic ideology?

Hang on … this next thread goes on for a bit, but it’s worth it:

That’s the Big Lie about the anti-CRT movement.

Sure thing.


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