We’ve got a real match-up for you today, folks: David French vs. Christopher Rufo. As Twitchy reported Friday, NBC News did a piece on public school teachers who were thinking about quitting in the face of state laws that would restrict what they can and cannot teach, which left a lot of people wondering what the problem was. Yes, states are passing laws against incorporating critical race theory into the curriculum, and Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis, with his “Don’t Say Gay” bill, is trying to keep discussions about gender identity and sexual orientation out of primary schools.

David French says that growing up as a conservative Christian public school kid, it never occurred to him that teachers should be censored from expressing their own opinions in the classroom. Follow the account Libs of Tik Tok for one day and see just how teachers are expressing their own opinions online and see if you don’t rethink that.

“Even in middle and high school?” Especially in middle and high school, when students are old enough to challenge the classroom’s authority figure.

It’s hard to disagree with French when he’s so vague: he’s against broad speech codes and for a better curriculum and reasonable transparency. But when legislators draw up laws trying to define reasonable transparency, such as posting lesson plans online, the ACLU gets involved and makes “curriculum transparency” “a thinly veiled attempt to chill teachers from talking about race and gender.” Look at what you’re up against and try again.


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